LMF Dance Fit
The La’Movement spin to the popular Zumba dance fitness craze. Our #1 Cardio class made to bring families together.
Bring your children, friends, and family to class and enjoy a Great Work Out.
This class includes a wide variety of music from latin, salsa, hip hop, reggae, soca, and pop to keep your blood flowing and body moving as you sweat off the pounds (or “cake” as we call it)
Mondays & Thursdays - 7pm
La'X Heels
Beginner & Intermediate.
This class was created to promote self/body awareness and self confidence.
Fun, liberating alter ego, fitness and seduction combined in an enticing full body workout. Learn a routine that can be taken home and rehearsed to use again either in a workout or other fun ways. Using Heels, chairs, the floor and your own toes to boost your inner diva.
Having a Girls night? Bachelorette Party? Group party? Birthday? want some one on one moves? This is the perfect class for you! Contact us….
Tuesdays 7.00pm beginners/ Adv: TBA
Hip Hop
Looking for a fun workout or just want to get some choreo on we've got it with LaLa Woods in our LMF Hip Hop Class!
This one is for dancers of all levels, from absolute beginners to the cool cats that got it down... Learn step by step routines and sweat to some of our fav oldies and new tracks.
Learn cool moves, feel confident, stay fit and healthy!
Childhood obesity is a problem! La'Movement  apart of the solution! 
Our LMF Kids Dance class is a free space for kids to dance, learn and get active. Easy to follow and all of their favorite songs. 
Learn cool moves, feel confident, stay fit and healthy!
Check out an in studio class or Book this program for your students.