Queen of G.U.G.A

Lala Woods

Lancia "LaLa" Woods is the owner and founder of La'Movement Fitness. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, where there are so many great food restaurants; LaLa created some bad eating habits as a child although she was very active.  


For years, she struggled with her weight loss efforts trying to find a balance between a healthy diet and active lifestyle. She watched others around her go through her same struggles and she decided to become an advocate for change.  


She became certified for Zumba Fitness and launched "La'Movement" to become the first class of La’Movement Fitness.​ 


She is also the leader of the G.U.G.A (Get Up & Get Active) Movement whose goal is to get people UP and ACTIVE even if going to the gym isn't their style. G.U.G.A has become a movement!


People throughout the country including Texas, Virginia, Atlanta and DC use the slogan to motivate themselves and others to Get Up, Get Active and live a healthier lifestyle through various activities.


In 2016 LaLa was 1 of 4 instructors to launch “SUMMER CITY FITNESS” in conjunction with BCBS and the mayor of the city of Buffalo and continues these partnerships that offer the community access to fun, family friendly activities.