Are you ready to G.U.G.A? Find your inner dancer!

LaMovementFitness is more than a Dance Fitness studio! Fun and confidence boosting dance fitness offers an escape to a bolder, stronger, and more coordinated you!

LMF is more than a lifestyle brand, and dance fitness movement!


Getting Active relieves stress, teaches breathing techniques and balance. In just 30 minutes your heart could be pumping to some of your fave tunes and help you to lose over 200 calories!


Once you make Get Up and Get Active part of your routine, anything is possible!

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La’Movement Fitness hosts a number of different fitness events and classes to appeal to different demographics including La'X, La'Abs, LMF Kids Fit, and private events amongst others.

La’Movement has worked with various after school programs throughout Erie County teaching dance & fitness classes to promote a proactive healthy lifestyle. 


What started as 2 BPS schools in 2013 has quickly grew to over 23 schools throughout WNY. LMF has helped over 1,000 students in inner city, west and south side schools to create and maintain healthy lifestyles and strives to reach many others with the message of G.U.G.A.


Join the LMF Tribe and book yourself a class or get the La'Membership for $50 a month to get unlimited classes, discounted parties and La'Amazing perks!